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In a world of information overload it can be tough to gain visibility. Trondheim's new startup platform is designed to take the load off, and make it easier for you to be accessible for the people who matter. Be it an investor, potential new recruit or conference looking to share your story, Startup Trondheim is your first point of contact.

"Visibility and accessibility are two of the biggest challenges in the global startup push. Never underestimate the value of an email address or telephone number."

- Jaya Thomlison, co-founder/startup-ambassador

What is the Startup Trondheim platform?

Trondheim's startup ecosystem (representing the greater region) has built a new platform for increasing the visibility of rising stars and meeting points. This makes getting the word out on everything good you do, a whole lot easier. Startup Trondheim platform is a simple and free interactive website that will provide up-to-date information on mid-Norway's meeting places, events, companies and their growth.

Startup Trondheim contributes to:
- ease of recruiting
- profiling your company nationally and internationally
- highlighting the region's comparative advantages to provide you with new opportunities
- putting your company’s quantitative and qualitative info out there for investors

What about Trondheim?

With local slogans like: “Knowledge for a better world”, “Technology for a better world” and “The living, innovative society strategy”, it may come as no surprise that Trondheim, Norway's 3rd largest city and the tech capital of the country, is dedicated to co-shaping the city and surrounding region as a living, breathing, and engaging test-arena. The city's business actors are dedicated to making Trondheim the best city in Norway to start and grow your company. Trondheim boasts a model that has quietly grown out of 1,000 years of innovative culture, and recently been moving into centre stage through collaborations spanning from the Nordics to Asia.

Since its earliest origins Trondheim has been an international city that fostered a culture for innovation and exploration, tightly woven into the city’s population, resulting in a knowledge sector that works hand-in-hand with the municipality. Trondheim Municipality is a forward-thinking and experimental body that promotes citizen engagement, interaction and a strong entrepreneurial climate.

About Trondheim Municipality and Trondheimsregionen

The Greater Region of Trondheim is a joint development engine for Trondheim and its surrounding municipalities including: Stjørdal, Malvik, Klæbu, Melhus, Skaun, Orkdal, Midtre Gaudal and Indre Fosen. Further joined by the Province of Trøndelag County Municipality, as an associated member. These partners all share common residential, commercial and service zones. The administration of common goals and activities is summarised in the region’s Strategic Business Plan.

About Technoport

Technoport is nonprofit organisation founded to advance science-based, technological innovation by creating unique meeting places for entrepreneurs, academics, business leaders, investors, students and dreamers alike. We’re a member-based organisation located in Trondheim, the technological capital of Norway and host of one of Norway's largest innovation events, Technoport Deep Tech.